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KlinkCARGO handling – everything from a single source

As an innovative service provider, KlinkCARGO incorporates all aspects of handling when it comes to your air freight. This means offering a desk-to-desk service, including document handling and dangerous goods handling, as well as a reliable ATLAS connection, checking and packaging or loading and unloading.

KlinkCARGO: Integrating your individual requirements

When it comes to your air freight, your requirements are our benchmark. After all, KlinkCARGO is passionate about your requirements and takes care of all services from a single source – on time and reliably:

  • Desk-to-desk service
  • Document service & ATLAS connection
  • Acceptance according to air freight security regulations up to “ready for carriage”
  • Dangerous goods check in accordance with DGR
  • Shipment inspection for intactness and completeness
  • Damage assessment, including reports
  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Picking & packing
  • Packaging and repackaging & packaging in pallets
  • Distribution
  • Disposal of packaging
  • Outsourcing incoming air freight
  • Dangerous goods transportation in accordance with ADR/DGR

KlinkCARGO is passionate about providing training to ensure that expertise is constantly available to its employees across all topics – such as ADR, securing of loads, security and more besides. Give us a challenge to take on: Call Mr Jörg Zimmermann on +49 (0) 2241 – 25203 13.

Recently, KlinkCARGO handled the following situation:

Thinking in terms of solutions…

Did you know that when it comes to your packages, even small details often require a large amount of effort? For example, when faced with this scenario at Cologne airport, just before the cut-off point for the airline, we’re at a stage where there’s no room for delay…

Thorsten: “Olaf, do you see that package over there? It’s incorrectly labelled. It can’t go along with the others like that.”
Olaf: “OK, I’ll go and fetch it.”
Thorsten: „That’s great.”
Olaf: „OK! Include this with the others again, please. I’ve made the correction and relabelled it for the customer.“

That’s the classic KlinkCARGO way: We take care and use specially trained staff.


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