Controlled. Organised. Compliant with LBA requirements.

KlinkCARGO warehouses – off-airport: Bonded and interim storage warehouses

When you choose KlinkCARGO, your freight is stored in an environment with modern equipment, reliably secured and taken care of by special staff. This applies to transshipment or block storage and takes place in accordance with the safety regulations of the German Federal Aviation Office.

KlinkCARGO: Modern warehouse in accordance with LBA requirements

In its capacity as an off-airport warehouse, KlinkCARGO acts as an authorised consignee with racking capacities – e.g. for interim storage and online customs connection. Our services naturally include AWB documents and labelling as well as clearance, unloading and stowage of air and sea containers. Even the unloading of aircraft pallets via our truck dock is a standard procedure for us. All warehouse movements that take place as part of this process are, of course, monitored by computer.

When stored with KlinkCARGO, your freight is absolutely safe – because our warehouses are:

  • Audited and access-controlled: By the German Federal Aviation Office and our trained employees
  • Brilliantly taken care of: By specially trained and vetted staff
  • Equipped with ultramodern facilities: Our transshipment warehouses always comply with the latest safety regulations of the LBA
  • Individually catered for: For example, with additional services such as packaging, packaging repairs or pick & pack

Enjoy the benefits of an off-airport warehouse with space for your individual ideas. Enjoy the benefits of KlinkCARGO. Talk to Mr Michael Ages about your requirements right now on
+49 (0) 2241 – 25203 18

Recently, KlinkCARGO handled the following situation:

Decisive manpower…

Friday morning: 3000 boxes of imported goods, LED lamps, arrive from China.

“Please pick and label the goods according to the respective single varieties.” No problem. And can you do it so that they are ready straight away for the recipient on the following Monday? On 230 pallets? Just as we said: no problem.

That’s the classic KlinkCARGO way: We make possible what others find impossible.


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