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KlinkCARGO fleet – vehicles to meet your wishes

However varied your logistics requirements may be, the KlinkCARGO fleet has the flexibility to meet them. We are always able to provide you with the right vehicle to accommodate your wishes and requirements:

  • Minibus (Sprinter)
  • Lift gate truck
  • Semi-trailer combinations or drawbar trailer combinations – 40-tonners with * Edscha & tautliners
  • Mega trailer
  • Gooseneck
  • Multi-axle vehicles
  • Or roller beds

Security thanks to on-board computers

Thanks to on-board computers, you always know the whereabouts of your freight – for full traceability, wherever the vehicle carrying your load happens to be.

Protection thanks to staff you can trust

Our reliable drivers offer a further layer of security. Our checks involve more than just a check for approved police clearance. After all, KlinkCARGO only entrusts personally selected individuals with your cargo.

By choosing KlinkCARGO, you can therefore enjoy flexibility and the comfort of knowing that your freight is always in good hands. To discuss your next journey, contact Mr Jörg Zimmermann on +49 (0) 2241-25203-13 – he will be happy to take care of you.

Recently, KlinkCARGO handled the following situation

Operation Top urgent

23 t heavy, 3.20 m long and 2 m wide – the dimensions involved in transporting a stamping tool from the town of Biedenkopf near Siegen, Germany, to Valencia, Spain. Ideally to be delivered the day before yesterday.

  1. Crane loading? Yes.
  2. High point loading? Of course.
  3. How about lashing chains for securing the load? Absolutely no problem.
  4. GPS positioning? Sure, we can take care of that too.

And one more thing: The truck is already on its way.

Typisch KlinkCARGO: Gerne einen Schritt voraus.


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