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Are you looking for a role and a challenge in the exciting area of freight forwarding and logistics services? Do you thrive in a multifaceted working environment with nice colleagues and lots of interesting practical activities? Then send us your detailed application.

KlinkCARGO offers you the opportunity to pursue a qualified route to train as a skilled professional in warehouse logistics or for a commercial role in freight forwarding and logistics – with the prospect of a job that offers an exciting daily working environment.

We’re on the lookout for someone like you. Would you fit in at KlinkCARGO?

Are you motivated, bursting with ideas and passionate about logistics services and the freight forwarding business? Do you like to lend a hand and find that even unconventional solutions come in handy when it comes to satisfying customer needs? If so, you’ll fit in with us! Send in your application – because at KlinkCARGO, we are delighted to have capable colleagues operating in a work environment where they are held in high esteem.

What KlinkCARGO is all about: Get to know us

Since 1996, we have been operating based in Troisdorf near Cologne, Germany. We have approx. 50 employees and an off-airport warehouse compliant with LBA requirements. There is always something happening where we are. If customers have very clear ideas, we tailor solutions right around them. Something urgent, in need of swift attention or a complicated matter? We really knuckle down to the task at hand. Does something seem impossible? There’s no such thing: We roll our sleeves up and take care of it. We take customer satisfaction seriously. In the same way, we take our own needs seriously so that we can cultivate a positive atmosphere. Sounds good to you? Then send in your application.

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