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KlinkCARGO Online Orders – Ordering in the blink of an eye

KlinkCARGO is always up-to-date, providing you with an optimum service and best-practice efficiency when it comes to your orders and the tracking of your shipments. At KlinkCARGO, you can therefore order your shipment online and ensure that it is processed more efficiently as a result.

The turbo for your shipment works as follows:

  1. You register as a customer or log in with your personal customer data
  2. You enter the shipment data: pick-up address, reference, number of packages, weight, dimensions and destination
  3. You submit the form and receive a confirmation e-mail
  4. You can see current status messages and conveniently track your shipment at any time – until it reaches its destination

And the issue of security at KlinkCARGO?

You can only login as a customer to the online order system with a personalised customer login and password, meaning that you always access the KlinkCARGO database individually as a customer and are protected independently. Specific server security measures also ensure increased security standards – with even more protection for your sensitive corporate data via SSH & Co.

Take the convenient option with KlinkCARGO and save valuable time via your practical online order. If you would like us to clarify anything else, please contact Mr Herrn Guido Rittau at +49 (0) 2241 – 25203 34.

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Ordering in the blink of an eye

PING – a new order just arrives for the KlinkCARGO Scheduling Team. By e-mail. With all relevant shipment data.

2 minutes later…
The freight is in the system and processing is already underway.
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Typical KlinkCARGO: Customer service that delivers what it promises.


Ordering in the blink of an eye

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