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KlinkCARGO cargo scanning – with our X-ray system as the centrepiece

Are you looking to send air freight in XXL format – up to 180 cm in height and 145 cm in width? KlinkCARGO is a pioneer in swift and secure clearance thanks to our Hl_SCAN 145180-2is X-ray system.

KlinkCARGO: Screening of XXL freight, pallet freight and bulky goods

The X-ray scanner offers you more favourable costs than those associated with trace detection or hand searching for packages or pallets in large format. This means you can be sure that your freight can swiftly take off.

And what if you want to send something even bigger?

Then we check your freight via the usual methods, using sniffer dogs – in other words, trace detection or hand searching. It’s important to be on the safe side so that your freight can take to the sky and doesn’t go up in smoke.

Count on speed and reliable precision when it comes to sending your air freight thanks to the options available from KlinkCARGO, including our X-ray system for oversized freight and other tried and tested methods. We can be found in the list of regulated agents under registration number DE/RA/00199-01/0113.

If you would like a consultation about any aspect of aviation security and cargo scanning, we advise you to arrange this with Jörg Zimmermann or Michael Ages on +49 (0) 2241 – 25203 0.

Recently, KlinkCARGO handled the following situation:

Aviation security made easy…

100 pallets need to be sent – and a box measuring 1.94 m x 4 m. One after the other, the pallets uniformly roll through the Hl_SCAN 145180-2is, KlinkCARGO’s centrepiece X-ray system.

And the box?
It’s too big and doesn’t fit through. But that’s not a problem: When we offer complete handling of the cargo scanning process at KlinkCARGO, you can always be sure this means we have a solution for every situation.

That’s the classic KlinkCARGO way: Always prepared for every eventuality


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